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Shades Of Violence

Chapter 8: Mushroom

"Hello, this is Inverness's Raigmore Hospital. Is that Mrs Mackay?" A grave voice inquired.

This was about Eric, Liz thought straight away. He hadn't been home since last week when it had all kicked off. She almost regretted pulling over the car to answer this call.

"Yes." She replied coolly. She wasn't sure she cared, he deserved what he got.

"This is Nurse Robinson. We have your son here -"

Her insides collapsed. Like an explosion, all her organs erupted at once, forcing the cloud of her breath out into its harsh reality.

"Son?" She gasped. "Which one? What's happened?"

"William." The nurse replied.

For a split second, the breath returned, relieved she had no son called William. Then she realised they meant Billy. She blushed at her stupidity, but had no time to dwell on it as she was assaulted an by eruption of panic. What had happened?

"Your son has been involved in a serious car collision." The nurse continued.

"He's been flown down to our hospital, but I'm afraid with the extent of his injuries we're going to have to transfer him to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary."

The nurse hesitated for a second.

"Mrs Mackay I'm afraid it's very serious. I would advise you make your way to Aberdeen as quickly as possible."

She let out a cry. She let her mobile drop to the floor as she leant on the steering wheel for support, and for a moment, just a moment, the detonator was turned on her. She mushroomed into a grief-stricken woman, haggard and shattered, pulled apart by the death of a child.

Then she remembered her child wasn't dead. He was alive and she had to protect him, to look after him.

She started the car.
Long time coming :P
GypsyBlaze Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
yes!!! i was so excited to see you updated this =)
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